What Do You Want?

Ingrid PhotoI’ve been busy planning 2016 and brainstorming articles to write for this blog, when I had a mini ah-ha moment. Rather than rehashing the same old things I’m always thinking about here on the blog, I thought … “Hey, I should ask my readers what they care about.”

What do you want?

What topics would you like me to discuss this year? What have you been struggling with in your writing? What craft techniques do you want to learn more about? Are you interested in the publishing process, querying, self-publishing, or marketing? Are you interested in actionable craft information like how to write snappy dialogue, or communicate emotion? Did you love my structure chart and want to make your own? Tell me!

It’s far more fulfilling to create content you’re excited about and will help you achieve your writing goals.

Please share with me what you want by filling out the survey below. It’s anonymous and super easy. There are only five questions. I promise!

Ingrid’s 2016 Blog Survey

Thank you for being awesome.

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