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I have a huge announcement for everyone! For over a year I’ve been thinking about doing this … and despite all my fears and the imposer-syndrome devil sitting on my shoulder, I’ve decided to get out of my comfort zone and jump into the deep end.

I’ve created a YouTube channel!

My channel is called: Ingrid’s Notes: Brainfood for the Wild and Passionate Writer. It’s a writing-craft channel dedicated to insights on the creative writing process, craft techniques, author mindset, and inspiration.

Two weeks ago I went all-in and started making videos. This was done with a little kick in the pants from a social media marketing class I’m taking. Part of the class is to make one video a day for thirty days! It reminds me how sometimes we need an outside source — a class, an accountability buddy — to help us take the next step toward our dreams. And I’m LOVING making videos about writing. I do love talking about writing after all!

I’ve made ten videos thus far, ranging between two and ten minutes each. Yes, they’re a little “off the cuff.” I’m supposed to make one a day, and I often only have an hour or so to do that. However, this experience is helping me to embrace the philosophy that it’s better to dare greatly and put the work out into the world, rather than spend my life planning and never doing it. I could get all hung up on if the lighting is good, or if I look pretty, or if I’m being articulate enough … or I could just share my message and love for writing and let that shine through. I choose to shine in all my imperfections!

If you’ve been enjoying this blog, then you’ll probably love my YouTube Channel. You can watch my videos and subscribe here: Ingrid’s Notes YouTube Channel

Here a few of my favorite videos thus far:

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5 responses to “Ingrid’s Notes YouTube Channel”

  1. Arthur Rosch says:

    Good luck, Ingrid. I’ve been thinking about recording my poetry for a channel. It’s the doing that’s important. I admire your courage. Making videos is an important organizing tool.

  2. I like this video “Develop Your Own Philosophy!” I only had time to watch one today but I’ll definitely watch again!

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