What Am I Writing These Days?

I get this question all the time … but usually I avoid it.

The writing process can be delicate and it’s hard to talk about a project before you really know what it is.


I’m trying something new. Rather than keeping my latest work-in-progress under lock and key, I’ve decided to do 100% the opposite. No more vague answers. Instead, I’m going to share with you the entire process of writing my novel – as I write it! Not only will that be fun for you, but it will also keep me motivated to write like the wind.

I believe in inertia, and excitement spreads excitement!

So, what am I writing?  Watch this video where I tell you all about it … and I explain how YOU can help me write it!

I know this YA novel is still in major development, but I’d love to hear what excites you about the concept. I’d love to hear what parts of the writing process you want to me to make videos about and share.

Share your thoughts in the comments and thank-you for being my accountability buddy.

Stay fabulous!

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4 responses to “What Am I Writing These Days?”

  1. Sounds like we write a lot alike. I always start with something in mind and then it changes completely by the time I’m finished. Future podcasts? How about the inside of publishing? Indie or traditional options? And how to get your characters to interact with the story world and come to life?

  2. Ethel Lytton says:

    I have shared your post with my writers group.

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