Behind the Scenes: Ingrid’s Notes Website Photoshoot

The Ingrid’s Notes Website – which will be dedicated to creative writing craft, process, and inspiration – is coming soon!

In the meantime, get inspired by this fun behind-the-scenes video of the website photoshoot. All the images on the site are created by me and my husband who owns Gearhart Photo.

I got creative and made tons of paper flowers, then I made style guides and inspiration boards (yes, I’m addicted to pinterest), and we set up the styled shoot in our home-studio. And by home-studio, I really mean a bedroom in our house … see you can make anything sound fancy.

The point is – MAKE ART! Create art for your own website. Find ways to create art in your day-to-day life. Create art because you love it and it makes your heart soar.


Enjoy this video (it’s less than a minute long).

Create art my friends!


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