Video: What Is Profluence?

Have you heard of this fancy MFA creative writing term called profluence? Proflu-whaaaaaat? Yep, it’s a complete mouthful! Profluence is a big scholarly¬†MFA word that I’d never heard of until I was in creative writing school. It’s coined by John Gardner and it refers to the overall connective tissue, flow and energy of your novel,…

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How The Film MOONLIGHT Breaks The Rules

The film MOONLIGHT claimed top prizes by winning the Academy Awards for best picture and best screenplay last month. This film is brilliant. And in my opinion, much of that brilliance comes from the fact that it broke so MANY conventional writing “rules” that we’ve been told again and again. It broke those rules –…

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How to Create a Morning Writing Habit

Getting up in the morning sucks … …that is, until you make a habit out of it and it turns into the most productive, amazing, and rejuvenating time of your day. What-whaaaat? I know, you’re wondering what kind of crazy early-morning kool-aid I’ve been drinking. It’s true, I get up every morning between 5 and…

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