I love Halloween! It’s my favorite holiday, and the candy-crazed feast is only a few days away! Celebrate the fun by checking out some of these fun posts from my spooky-blog past: The¬†Hunger Games jack-o-lantern I carved! Amazing and adorable kidlit ¬†Halloween costumes! Kidlit themed Jack-o-lantern awesomeness! Take a peek at the Halloween party I…

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Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween, and every year my photographer boyfriend and I throw a Halloween party. We drink some blood, decorate the house, bake enough treats to satiate the giant tarantula in our backyard, and wait for the Zombies to come. It’s a deadly-good time! I thought I’d tease your trick-or-treating taste buds with some spook-a-licious…

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Adorable Kidlit Costumes!

Happy Halloween everyone! Last year I posted amazing kidlit jack-o-lanterns. This year I got inspired by kids dressed up in kidlit themed costumes. Hopefully some day kids will dress up as our characters and be half as adorable as these: Don’t eat too much candy everyone! Have fun!

Happy Kidlit Halloween!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Halloween! I thought I’d share my (slightly) kidlit costume this year. Yup that’s me and my pink hair as Strawberry Shortcake! Also be sure to check out these AMAZING Kidlit inspired Jack-o-Lanterns that I posted last year! Have a spook-tacular Halloween everyone!  

Kidlit Themed Jack-o-Lanterns = Awesomeness!

What happens when you put pumpkins and kidlit books into your witches brew? Kidlit-Jack-o-Lantern-Awesomeness of course! So while you’re dressing up in your super sexy Halloween costume and gorging yourself on candy enjoy these super fun Halloween pumpkins: My Pumpkin this year was in honor of The Hunger Games: The rest of these I found…

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Happy Hunger Games Halloween

For the Halloween season I thought I’d celebrate one of my favorite YA books (The Hunger Games) with a rockin’ Mocking Jay Jack-o-lantern! Happy Hunger Games Halloween!