Time Management

Keeping Track of Time

One of the big struggles with writing is time. It takes months, and often years, to complete a novel. I find that a lot of fear gets wrapped up in that time investment. For example, the idea of revisions after completing a draft is often met with a sinking sense of desperation. Not because we’re…

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Account For Your Time!

I’ve been posting a lot about how to re-claim your creativity and account for your creative time. The following exercises are a great way for you to really dig in and be honest with yourself. What are your priorities? How does your use of time reflect those priorities? Exercise #1: Your Priorities and Your Time…

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Three Writing Myths That Drag Us Down

Author Laurie Halse Anderson spoke at the 2011 LA SCBWI Conference about how to stay creative and make time for your writing. She shared the following three myths that she felt held people back when it came to their writing careers. 3 WRITING MYTHS THAT DRAG US DOWN Myth #1: If you get published you…

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