I’m Broken. Should I Give Up Writing?

Two articles really hit a nerve with me this week. They’re completely different, and yet they both tango with the subject of failure and feeling alone in this big noisy world. They’re worth your time.

I’m Broken.

Do you ever feel like you’re alone? So. Damn. Alone. We’re surrounded by people, and yet the broken pieces of ourselves are paralyzing. I invite you to check out this video made by author Jenny Dawson as part of the promotion of her new book Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things. The video is a juxtaposition of the things that overwhelm and threaten to destroy us, against that which keeps us going.

It made me cry.

Article and Video: I’m Broken. I’m Furiously Happy. Both of These Things Are True.

I'm Broken

Should I Give Up Writing?

This is a question I’ve asked myself many times. It’s a question my friends have asked. It’s a raw and complicated query that digs into my deepest fears and floods me with the messy emotions of wanting to know if anything I do has meaning. What should I do with my one wild and precious life? Is writing worth my life? Does any of it matter at all?

If you’ve ever felt this way, then you MUST read this Dear Polly Letter: Dear Polly, Should I Just Give Up On My Writing. It’s full of precious nuggets like:

  • “Be a lovely odd duck, one who hardly notices if people are booing or cheering.”
  • “If you remind yourself of the people who break through too much, you ignore the joy of writing. You ignore the reasons you do this for a living.”
  • “When your hungry ego grabs the wheel and drives you off a cliff, forgive yourself. But then pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and repeat these words: I AM AN OLD NOBODY AND I LOVE WHAT I DO.”

There’s more. So much more. Read this letter. Your ego needs to hear it. And your heart needs to hear it too.

Ask Polly

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