More Secrets: #ShareYourSecrets Campaign

Since All We Left Behind came out in December, I’ve been collecting secrets. One of the major themes in All We Left Behind is the silence that surrounds Kurt and Marion’s secrets and how their desire to hide the past causes them to act in ways they normally never would. This is because secrets gain power from our silence.

I created the #ShareYourSecrets campaign as a way to #WrapShameInWords and allow teenagers and adults to anonymously share the secrets that haunt them. Speaking a secret out loud allows us to take back the power. It also helps us to see that we are not the only ones struggling.

I’ve spoke at several book festivals and high schools in the past ten months and I’m grateful to all of those who’ve been brave enough to share their secrets in this campaign. I’ve been sharing many of these secrets on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. But I also wanted to make sure they were available here on my blog.

Please take a moment to read through these secrets and remember that every one of us is struggling.

Share Your Secrets Set 1Share Your Secrets Set 2Share Your Secrets Set 3Share Your Secrets Set 4Share Your Secrets Set 5Share Your Secrets Set 6

Most of these secrets come from high school students. However, some are also from adults. All typewritten secrets asked for their handwriting not to be used.

Read more secrets here:

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