A Love Letter to Writers

It’s Valentine’s Day and no matter if you love this holiday or hate it, I want to take this opportunity to talk about the love of writing.

I fully believe in loving what you write. Loving the process. Loving your characters. Giving your writing your full heart. I’m a slow writer sometimes, but I love it when it’s slow and I get to savor the words, edit, and find the perfect phrase. Other times I write in fitful bursts of adrenaline and excitement, where I can’t get the words on the page fast enough. Then, I love tearing my book open, re-structuring it, and fitting the puzzle pieces back together. I love reading my work out loud when I think it’s almost done to see how it sounds. I love my characters as if they’re my good friends. I love the adventure of the blank page and the mess of a first draft full of ideas and gold.

I love the process.

I love the work.

If you’re struggling with your writing. If you’re finding it hard or miserable, or you’re thinking of quitting … step back.

I made this fun 30-second video as a Valentine to all the writers out there. Remember why you love to write. Honor why you love to write!

This Valentine’s Day fall in love with writing again!

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  1. Bev Baird says:

    Perfect day to hear those words. I need your message.

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