The Writing Advice That Changed My Writing Life

Writers are asked for writing advice all the time. They’re asked on panels and interviews and by strangers they’ve hardly met. And you’ve probably heard plenty of stock answers like …

  • Make sure you read as much as you can!
  • Get your butt in your chair and finish your book!
  • Write from your heart.
  • Write what you know.

Now … these can be good pieces of advice, but unfortunately none of them are very specific. Of course, I wouldn’t fault these writers … heck, I’ve said things like this myself. The truth is, authors are often self conscious and they don’t really know what would be good writing advice for you!

But you know what … I can share with you the number one piece of writing advice that changed my writing life.

I can say, without a doubt, that my novel ALL WE LEFT BEHIND wouldn’t exist without this advice. In fact, I may still be struggling to get published without it. It completely revolutionized the way I think about storytelling.

This advice is all about what you think your objective is in a scene … and I didn’t know that for years I was asking the wrong questions!

Here’s my latest video explaining what this advice is and how it works:


Have you received a priceless piece of writing advice? Please share it in the comments!

Happy writing everyone.

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