Video: What Is Profluence?

Have you heard of this fancy MFA creative writing term called profluence?


Yep, it’s a complete mouthful! Profluence is a big scholarly MFA word that I’d never heard of until I was in creative writing school. It’s coined by John Gardner and it refers to the overall connective tissue, flow and energy of your novel, and ultimtely … how you keep the reader actually READING! It’s one of those “big picture” terms that can start to make your head spin and your eyes flip backwards.

Let’s be honest … do you really need to know what profluence is to write a novel?


But … without profluence in your book, your novel is going to be one big HOT MESS!

In this week’s video, I unpack all the MFA jargon to make the theory of profluence palatable. I break down what profluence is, how it works, and why it’s so dang important.

If you have more questions about this topic, please check out my previous post about profluence. You can also leave a question in the comments.

Happy writing everyone!

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