PART 3: Traditional Publishing vs. Self-Publishing

Here it is!

The third and final installment in my three-part series on the pros and cons of traditional publishing versus self-publishing.

In this final video I cover:

  • The pace of publishing, which is dramatically different in these two publishing models.
  • The overall writing and publishing life.
  • Then I recap everything we’ve discussed.

Choosing between traditional publishing and self-publishing is a personal choice. And, yes, you absolutely can do both (that’s called hybrid publishing). It’s up to you and your personal idea of success.

Also, there’s a ton of AWESOME information about this topic. I’ve culled together some of my favorite resources on the pros and cons of these publishing models, how to self-publish if you want to go that route, the financial realities of these models, as well as a comparison chart I’ve put together that recaps these videos.

Download the free PDF here:

Click here or on image do get this free download!

Watch the whole series here:

Rock on writers and follow your publishing dreams!

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