My Plans For Summer Vacation…

I can’t believe I survived my first year teaching high school English. It was a trip! I’m glad a survived, and I’m even more excited for the looooooong stretch of summer vacation that’s ahead.

I’m ready to dive right in and get back into my author grooooooove.

And because I love making lists (it helps me with manifestation) … here are my glorious summer vacation plans:

1. Write all day long. Write for 8 hours a day. Write for 13 hours a day. Write till I have blisters and my fingers cramp and the muse asks for water breaks.

2. Have tea parties. Make tiny cakes and fancy drinks and fall down the rabbit hole to wonderland.

3. Relax and read. I will soak up words and inspiration, see the wonder of words building stories and dreams. I will let art challenge what I think, and push me to be my best.

4. I am going to find this other-worldly cave off the coast of Puerta Vallerta, Mexico, and marvel at how bloody AMAZING nature is.

5. I will bask in the glory of Lake Powell. Um … did I mention how freaking incredible nature is?

6. Learn the art of hand lettering. Because everyone needs a hobby, and with the right attitude, you can learn anything.

7. I will write some more. Always. Every day. Because love affairs with words last a lifetime.

What are your plans for summer vacation?

Make a list. Make a vision board. Start telling the universe what you want and how she better start raining down glitter and 5000-word writing days and cancer-free sunshine. Okay, make a small compromise, settle for normal sunshine and wear lots of sunblock.

Let’s make this summer a good one!


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