Does Revision Scare the BLEEEEEEEP Out of You?

Are you freaked out about revision? Do you feel paralyzed about where to begin? What if you mess it up? Or even worse … what if you make it better and now you really DO have to revise the whole thing?

Have no fear: YA authors Heather Demetrios and I, are the kind of sickos that actually enjoy revising and are thrilled to bring you over to the revision-loving dark side.

Imagine this…

The dew hits the grass with the gleam of sunrise. October gold is in the air, and the morning smells like coffee and wheat bales.








You have that itch to write … morning pages or poetry. You sit on the porch of your tiny cabin, your fingers alight with images and words, phrases hungry to find the page. You’re still half in that dream-space that Robert Olen Butler talks about, the subconscious world of creation, where all stories live. And now that you’re there, words flow out, easily, without reservation. You don’t have time to edit them, because you’re in that flow space where what was once a whisper from your main character, has now become a shout.








After breakfast you fill up your creative well with workshops and lectures, dancing with craft concepts and ideas. There are maps on how to walk through revision. There are concrete strategies for how find that flow state even when editing. There’s no panic, but passion, and an insatiable curiosity for your own story that reminds you that none of this has to be hard.








Then you meditate, and take a walk through the leaves painted in the colors of autumn. A word garden sits behind the barn, asking you to make connections. What does your protagonist truly want, and how can you make her world rock?








You eat butternut soup with creme fresh, and are invited to take the entire bottle of sangiovese back to your cabin. Instead, you bring the wine to the library and play board games with your new retreat friends. You share favorite books and fears about publication. Everyone in a different place on their journey … and that’s okay. In fact, it makes it all more exciting.








In the morning, the sun rises again and you write, walk, meditate, and repeat. Fill your well with inspiration. Laugh with your new friends. Dive into the act of creation.

If this all sounds too good to be true, you’re wrong. This is what a Pneuma Creative Writing Retreat is all about: six days of a creative feast with other women writers who are just as passionate about writing as you are.

Join us for the 2018 Pneuma Creative Autumn Writing Retreat!

Together, we’ll help you figure out how to revise your work, give you the tools to plan your revision and figure out a timeline, and we’ll be doing some meditation practice along the way to help boost your flow and help you to better navigate the uncertainty and stress revision can sometimes cause. Not only that, we’ll be taking a good, hard look at your writing process and re-visioning your approach to your writing. What’s working, what’s not? Through creative exercises, lectures, and discussion, we’ll do a deep dive into your creative life.

  • When: October 9-14th, 2018.
  • Where: Honesdale, PA at the Highlights Retreat Center.
  • Max. Attendees: Sixteen. Yup, only sixteen. Sign up now!
  • Cost: Read this Retreat PDF with all the delicious details (accommodations, food, workshops, lectures, schedules, etc.)
  • Deposit: $200. Snag your spot here!
  • Sign-up Deadline: Be sure to sign up by July 31st.


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