Ingrid’s Story Structure Links

Some people have asked for links to all of my blog posts on story structure and narrative design. I’ve complied some of my favorite posts below.

Happy structuring!

Arch Plot Structure Handout – This is my classis arch plot structure chart that keeps getting passed around the internet. Here’s a link directly to it.

How to Master Story Structure – This post has links to several of my YouTube videos on the topic of structure.

Organic Architecture (Full Series) – These are all the links in my Organic Architecture Structure series. This covers arch plot, screenwriting structure, designing principles and more! Don’t miss this one.

Obsessed with Story Structure – An insight into my color coding process when I structure a novel.

Arch Plot and Classic Design – An overview of the traditional way of plotting and structuring a film or novel.

The Difference Between Plot and Structure – It took me awhile to unravel these two concepts (as they are often used interchangeably). Here’s my take on how to differentiate them.

Alternative Story Structures Part 1 and Part 2 – Tired of the classic triangle structure chart? Explore alternate ways to structure your stories.

Alternative Story Plots Part 1 and Part 2 – Tired of the Hero’s Journey plot arch? Explore alternate ways to plot your story.

Story Structure Diagrams – A fun collection of diagrams I’ve found from other authors.

To Plot or Not to Plot – Multi-post series on plotting and structure. This is the first one in the series.

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