How The Film MOONLIGHT Breaks The Rules

The film MOONLIGHT claimed top prizes by winning the Academy Awards for best picture and best screenplay last month. This film is brilliant. And in my opinion, much of that brilliance comes from the fact that it broke so MANY conventional writing “rules” that we’ve been told again and again. It broke those rules –…

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How to Master Story Structure

The number one thing I learned from screenwriting is story structure. Robert McKee, author of STORY, explains that there are two kinds of talent: story talent and literary talent. Most writers focus on literary talent … which are the words, the phrases, and how you use them. Often, literary talent is what we’re taught in creative…

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A Crash Course in Screenplay Story Structure

Do you struggle with story structure? Do you need a refresher in plot or visual storytelling? Do you live in Southern California? Then you need to attend screenwriter/producer/teacher-extraordinaire Patty Meyer’s Crash Course in Story Structure! “Structure is the key to effective screenwriting.  There is no substitute for it.  To tell a story in this most…

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