Young Adult Books

YA Self-Publishing Series: Interview with Drae Box

Self-publishing used to be considered a vanity choice, but with the current flux of the book industry, independent publishing has blossomed into an exciting new market. Independent authors are taking control of their own publishing careers and becoming entrepreneurs who write, market, and publish. It’s the wild wild west of publishing with a wide variety of results,…

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Untamed: Interview with YA Author Madeline Dyer

I’m super excited to introduce you all to the wonderful YA author Madeline Dyer. She writes dark YA and explores the topics of survival and rebellilon in her latest YA dystopian series Untamed. She also has a fascination the relationship between madness and death, lives in the UK with her Shetland ponies, and loves Victorian novels….

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YA Families in Crisis

Have you ever wanted to write a young adult novel about a family in crisis? I was struck by the passion and knowledge of four authors who spoke at the AWP writer’s conference in March. They discussed the challenges of writing novels about families caught up in abuse, war, poverty, PTSD, and the loss of a…

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