Aspects of the Novel

I just finished reading Aspects of the Novel, a compilation of writing lectures given by E.M. Forster. It’s a short and dense book on the craft of novel writing, filled with strong opinions. I loved it. In particular, I enjoyed some of Forster’s comments on the differences between novel writing and drama. I so often…

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TO PLOT OR NOT TO PLOT: Part 4 – Types of Plot

Be sure to read the first three parts of this essay: Part 1: Terminology and the Difference Between Narrative and Story Part 2: Taking a Closer Look at Story Part 3: Got Plot Types of Plot We’ve established that plot is the linear events chosen from the story and presented with a causal relationship. However,…

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To Plot or Not to Plot?

I’m currently working on an essay on the differences between narrative, story, plot, and structure. I promise to share all of my findings in the near future, including all sorts of graphs and alternative plot structures than the good old Aristotelian model. In my research, however, I came across a transcript from a lecture given…

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