Craft Books

Ingrid’s Monster List of Writing Craft Books

I love craft books. I collect them. I love reading different philosophies on writing craft. I also find them very inspirational. When I’m developing a new story, I’ve got John Truby’s 22 StepsĀ in hand. When I’m revising for word choice, I review Mary Oliver’s Poetry Handbook. When I’m looking at story construction, Robert McKee is…

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Craft Book Connoisseur

If you’ve spent a little time on this site, you probably know that I LOVE CRAFT BOOKS! I’m not sure if this is because if I’m one of those daft people for whom information goes in one ear and out the other and I actually need to read 800 craft books to “get it”, or…

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Time to Get Crafty: Five Craft Books Not to Miss!

As a writer I’m always pushing myself to improve my craft. After all, as a writer in the big fancy publishing machine, it’s the only power I actually have: be the best writer I can be! It’s empowering to know this is the one place where effort and results are self-made. So in the spirit…

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