Energic Plot

The Hidden Agenda of Classic Design and the Hero’s Journey

From my previous posts outlining the major beats of classic design  (aka: arch plot, the universal story, mythic structure, the hero’s journey, etc.) you’ve seen that this design is very precise. If done well this “universal story” creates a satisfying story experience where all the pieces seem to fall effortlessly into place. It’s clean. It’s inspiring. It’s tempting…

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Classical Design: Breaking it Down with Toy Story

Last week I started off my Organic Architecture Series by outlining the eleven major story-beats of  classical design. Before I jump into alternative structures and plots I want to make sure we understand arch plot as more than just a template for story. I want to show how this story-frame can be used, and used…

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TO PLOT OR NOT TO PLOT: Part 4 – Types of Plot

Be sure to read the first three parts of this essay: Part 1: Terminology and the Difference Between Narrative and Story Part 2: Taking a Closer Look at Story Part 3: Got Plot Types of Plot We’ve established that plot is the linear events chosen from the story and presented with a causal relationship. However,…

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