Curbing Our Anxiety: Feeling, Writing, and Healing

by Helen Calder When it comes to poignant quotations, we’re all a little bit prone to getting caught up in a temporarily enamored state of revelation. Let’s face it, we’re suckers for profound and pithy statements, otherwise the print industry wouldn’t profit from the mass production of motivational posters. That isn’t a bad thing, of course….

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Engaging the Heart: Poetic Tools for Writing Emotion (Part 2)

by Jen Bailey In Part 1, we looked at how onomatopoeia and phonetic intensives can help you evoke emotion in your readers when writing emotionally detached characters. Today we will look at two additional sound-related poetic tools that can be carefully crafted to obtain your desired effect and keep your reader engaged. Poetic Tool #3:…

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Exploring the Verse Novel

The Verse Novel (AKA: a novel in poems) is a new form of storytelling that’s hit the YA market in the last five to ten years. Intrigued by this new form, I spent some time during my studies at the Vermont College of Fine Art this past term exploring the nuts and bolts of this…

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